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PepperBall Launcher Initiative

PepperBall Launchers provide a versatile, less-lethal option for suspect compliance and deterrence. Similar to our Taser Initiative, we hope to train and equip a significant portion of the Tulsa Police Department officers with PepperBall launchers to augment their existing training and tools. Some of the features of PepperBalls include:

Ultra lightweight construction

Standard magazines utilize disposable gas cartridges

Both CO2 and Nitrogen propellant

Two, 6 shot magazines included

Fires both .68 caliber round and VXR™ shaped projectiles

Undermount rail (for mounting light/laser)

Compact size fits on standard duty belt

Proudly assembled in the USA

PepperBall Launcher Goal
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Successful Implementation:

Tulsa Police said it started in the 2100 block of South Mingo with a suspicious vehicle call. Officers said when they arrived the driver of the car took off. They chased the man and eventually had to put down stop sticks. Tulsa Police said the driver pulled into a QuikTrip at 11th and Mingo but refused to exit. Police said they broke out windows, and when the man got out, they said he refused to follow orders and they shot him with pepper balls.

Original story.

KOTV - February 2016

PepperBall Launcher Initiative

The PepperBall system of launchers and projectiles are perfectly suited for many of the situations today’s law enforcement officers need to respond to. From everyday carry in patrol vehicles, domestic violence complaints, vehicle interdiction, dealing with disturbed or mentally incapacitated individuals, serving search warrants, to crowd control and riot situations.

Pepperball Launcher

Providing a less-lethal scenario de-escalation tool and deterrence in a compact, lightweight platform – perfect for Tulsa 21st Century Policing.