Pepperball Launcher Initiative

PepperBall Launcher Initiative PepperBall Launchers provide a versatile, less-lethal option for suspect compliance and deterrence. Similar to our Taser Initiative, we hope to train and equip a significant portion of the


Police Community Relationships

This program is designed to forge positive relationships between the professional men and women who protect the citizens of Tulsa and those they serve.


TPD Random Acts of Kindness

The TPD Foundation - with the support of the Tulsa Police Department - hands out holiday hams, gift and gas cards to members of the community


HelmZar Center Program

Through your generous support - we can provide access to this dynamic facility and increase leadership and learning opportunities for Tulsa Youth.


Tulsa Police Activity League

The Tulsa PAL Mission is to unite the communities of Tulsa with its Police Department by providing youth programs, mentorship, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between law enforcement , youth and the community that is served.


TPD Reading Patrol

This program pairs a Tulsa Police officer with a group of Tulsa's youngest citizens to explore the joy and excitement of reading.


Taser Simulator Training Center

The state of the art Taser Simulator Training Center provides officers with dynamic scenarios to increase the effectiveness of Taser deployments in real-world situations.

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