TPD Officers Give Gifts, Not Tickets

12/20/2017 – The Tulsa Police Department and the TPD Foundation participated in the Random Acts of Kindness campaign Wednesday, handing out gifts instead of tickets.

“Would you like a ham?” asked Tulsa Police Officer, Jeff Downs, when he pulled a vehicle over.

It’s an odd question from an officer but one that’s welcomed by the woman behind the wheel, with tears of joy.

“My kids and I thought I was getting a ticket,” she said.

Officer Downs did the same to a dozen more people. It’s all part of the Random Acts of Kindness campaign by the Tulsa Police Department and their foundation, where instead of tickets they’re giving gift cards or holiday hams.

“It was a big surprise,” said Stacie Williams. “It’s not every day you get pulled by an officer and they give you a ham.”

“It’s a good feeling,” said Officer Downs.

Downs has been with the Tulsa Police Department for nearly 20 years and doing something like this doesn’t happen often.

“This is more of a positive encounter with police, and it helps build a relationship with us in the community,” said Downs.

That’s their goal, and the department is hoping it will last through the holiday season.

“We already have a pretty good relationship with our community but it’s always better to improve it,” said Downs. ” This is a good way to do that.”

“I appreciate all they do and it’s always nice to know that an officer cares and is willing to help out,” said Williams.

Officers will be back on the road Thursday morning looking for families in need.

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