TPD Helps Burglary Victim at Christmas

12/20/2017 – Tulsa police officers helped a burglary victim have a Christmas to remember.

Christmas came early for Nicolle.

Two weeks ago, police say someone kicked in Nicolle’s backdoor and stole more than $1,000 worth of belongings from her home.

It would have been a hard situation for anyone but the break in hit Nicolle hard, because police say she’s been sick for the last year.

“My mother was very sick a couple years ago and unfortunately passed away this time of the year, so I kind of have a realistic understanding of what this feels like during Christmas,” said Tulsa Police Major Travis Yates.

After hearing Nicolle’s story, the entire Tulsa Police Special Operations division, alongside the TPD foundation came together to help a struggling citizen get back up on her feet.

“She has this big, great, nice Christmas tree and she just wasn’t physically able to put the tree up,” Yates stated.

Alongside the tree, officers left a few other gifts they hope will help Nicolle breathe a little easier this Christmas.

“We are very tired of good people being victimized in this town,” said Yates. “Doing that for Nicolle is almost medicine for us, because we see, sometimes, the worst of the worst. And to be able to meet people like her is really what this job is about.”

Police say they know who broke into Nicolle’s apartment and expect to make an arrest soon.

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