TPD Works Quickly and Methodically

08/16/2017 – Officers D. Deramus and R. Stout were assigned to three burglaries at offices at 6846 S Canton Avenue. One of the victims was John Rupe, Jr. of Rupe Helmer Group. They had replaced all of their computer equipment the week before… Numerous laptops, tablets, and monitors had been stolen. One of the tablets was pinging to a small apartment complex near 1200 S. Gillette. Sergeant L. Eberle and Burglary Detective L. Hanna responded to this location to assist the officers.  After conducting several knock and talks, officers were able to eliminate all of the apartments in the building where the phone was pinging, but the tablet was turned off while they were in the complex.

RID Task Force Officers J. Lum and A. Jones arrived and continued to canvass the complex. Neighbors reported that the residents of apartment were shady and a Toyota parked in the west lot was associated with the apartment. Officers soon encountered a suspect leaving from the suspected apartment. While Officer Jones was speaking with him, Officer Lum discovered that the Toyota was stolen. The individual was listed as a suspect on the auto theft report, and a search of the vehicle revealed loot from the burglaries. As Detective Hanna was preparing for a search warrant, a female emerged from the apartment. She consented to a search and most of the loot from the three burglaries was recovered. Richard Davis was arrested for 3 counts of burglary, KCSP, PSV, and Possession of burglary tools.

“Thanks to the Tulsa Police Department. These officers did great police work. They were diligent and professional in every aspect down to the arrest and finding our equipment. I can not thank them enough. Our city and citizens should be proud to have such an outstanding police department with these officers.” – John Rupe

Rupe stated he “plans on making a donation to the TPD Foundation on behalf of these fine officers that solved his case.”