Spreading Holiday Cheer

12/20/2016 – Dozens of drivers got pulled over, Tuesday, by Tulsa Police, but instead of getting a ticket the driver received a gift. Random acts of kindness are helping officers and the TPD Foundation get into the spirit of giving.

Board members rode along with officers, handing out 20 pound smoked hams, gift cards and gas cards to families who are in need this holiday season.

“We’re here to bless them today with a gift and it just turns it around and the next thing you know the perception has changed, the communication has changed, the relationship has changed,” said Roger Chasteen, chairman of the TPD Foundation.

Chasteen said donations made the gifting possible. $3,000 in monetary donations were given to the foundation. Plus $1,000 worth of smoked hams (50) were provided. $2,400 worth of $200 gift cards will go to families with children to buy gifts for the holidays. The Foundation was also provided $50 QuikTrip gas cards to hand out.

As soon as Trina Bevenue saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror, she said she panicked.

“Oh I just knew I was going to get a ticket for something,” said Bevenue.

Her family received a ham and a $50 gas card after a traffic stop by Chasteen and Officer Kyle Beck.

“All I could do was cry,” said Bevenue.

Officers and the foundation had been chasing families throughout Tulsa all day.

“We’re actually stopping and doing pedestrian checks, we’re doing car stops, and we’re just looking for that right family with that right need and then giving that gift,” said Chasteen.

The foundation’s chairman said they want the random acts of kindness to go families who may be struggling this holiday and also help rebuild relationships between the community and police.

Bevenue said the gifts could not have come at a more trying time.

“You see I wrecked my vehicle and we’re trying to get it fixed. Me and my husband are staying in a motel right now and you know we don’t have a way to fix dinner and stuff so this will help,” said Bevenue.

It’s the kind of help the foundation hopes to continue beyond the season of giving.

“Building a relationship between the police department and the citizens to share holiday cheer,” said Chasteen.

“It’s so hard to get any help now-a-days and they just pulled us over to give us something not to give a ticket or anything bad and it’s really appreciated,” said Bevenue.

The foundation and officers will be back on the road, Thursday morning, searching for families in need. Community members can track the acts of kindness on the foundation’s website.

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