Two TPD Officers Save Bleeding Man

08/10/2015 – The quick thinking of two Tulsa police officers may have saved the life of a man who was bleeding from a punctured artery early Saturday.

Police received a call around 12:25 a.m. regarding a man who had broken through the glass door of his apartment in west Tulsa, fallen down a flight of stairs and was yelling for help, according to a news release.

Officers Charles Ramsey and Kevin Tally responded to the call and found an unconscious man lying in a large pool of blood at the bottom of a staircase. Several bystanders had attempted to stop the heavy bleeding with towels but were unable to do so.

Ramsey, who recently became a certified EMT, examined the victim and discovered the blood was flowing from an open fracture in his leg.

Ramsey determined the wound was life-threatening and worked with Tally to apply a tourniquet to the man’s leg, the release states.

“This task was made more difficult as the victim had awakened slightly and was somewhat combative due to his injuries,” according to the release.

The tourniquet stopped the bleeding, and the officers prevented the man from further injuring himself until EMSA arrived.

The victim was taken to a local hospital.

A physician later told police the fracture in the man’s leg had severed an artery. If the officers hadn’t intervened so quickly, according to the physician, the man most likely would have bled to death.

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