TPD Officer Uses Taser to Subdue a Naked Man

04/27/2015 – Tulsa police arrested a man caught on cell phone camera walking on the Tisdale Expressway while naked, yelling and beating cars.

Witnesses recorded James Jackson’s antics and caught Tulsa police on camera using a Taser on him once, which Jackson took out the leads and ran, then using it again and taking him into custody.

On Monday, a witness to the scene sat down with FOX23 to talk about what happened and share his video of what happened.

“Going home and I’m looking to the left and there’s a naked man,” said Chris Anderson.

Anderson said it was obvious when Jackson’s bizarre behavior turned aggressive.

“A couple times he looked face to face with me and I thought he was going to try and come towards my vehicle and apprehend it.”

Jackson is seen hitting cars and nearly was hit by one himself.

Anderson had a front row seat to the scene when Tulsa police officers approached Jackson and used a Taser on him, once without reaction, again when Jackson then broke the Taser leads and ran from police. Eventually Jackson was Tased again and officers were able to make an arrest.

“They (police) got him apprehended real quick(ly), and they diffused it in a professional manner. Nobody got car jacked, nobody was hurt, he’s in jail, gets the help he needs and everybody goes about their business,” said Anderson.

Captain Justin Beal with Tulsa police used the Taser on Jackson, he told FOX23 he just got certified on the Taser on April 24, days before the incident. Sunday was his first shift wearing the Taser.

He was trained by Sgt. Brian Hill with Tulsa police.

“As far as being a trainer I guess you like to see the results of the training we are giving them and at this point yes absolutely they did fantastic,” said Hill.
Hill says other non-lethal options, like physical force, would have been used but the Taser was the safest for all parties.

“The suspect has absolutely zero lingering effects, I mean he’s in jail right now but he had zero lingering effects from the use of force from the Tulsa Police Department,” said Hill.

Officers also told FOX23 once Jackson received treatment in the hospital that his actions completely reversed and he was extremely apologetic and cooperative.

The original article can be found on Fox 23’s website.